We’re standing in a unique place at a unique time. American off-roading is a young adult, overlanding a teenager and those who swaddled and cradled them still walk among us. Interest in 4×4 is booming and, while we keep eyes on the road ahead, we pause now to recognize those who cut the trail.

ARB Experiences will profile industry leaders, trailblazers, and heroes in a series of stories that document our collective journey. Every off-roader crafts their own story, but underlying each is the history of their rig, its capabilities, and how they came to be.

Ernesto & Taisa

Go to college, get a job, save money, quit that job, go travel… for modern-day adventure seekers, it’s the new life plan. Ernesto and Taisa met in Venezuela, finished up school, and built successful careers; but everyday life felt lacking. So the couple decided to load up their 4WD and spend four years overlanding the Americas. The places they discovered and the people they met changed them forever. “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.” This is a story about breaking free. Watch Video

Doug Pettis

It all started with a Jeep – for American off-roading and Doug Pettis. The machines gifted from the Greatest Generation have allowed subsequent tinkerers to leave their mark before passing them on down the line.  For Doug it was all about performance, pushing the limit, finding tougher terrain. What makes his story special though, is that this Jeeper ended up President of ARB North America.  This is the story of American 4×4’s third generation. Watch Video

Scott Brady

At the heart of overland adventure is the gravitational pull of the unknown. Those who feel it, thrive in the bumpy, dusty pursuit of one unexplored route that leads to another, and another. Scott Brady’s impressive 4×4 resume of conquered continents, polar extremes, and circumnavigations would suggest that he’s done it all; seen it all. But he’d swiftly disagree. “There is always more to discover. Traveling with the intention of learning changes us in unexpected ways.”  Watch Video

Kurt Williams

In 1995 a group of Land Cruisers amble across Moab terrain and unknowingly spark a fire within a young boy scout. Watching from behind mountain bike handlebars, he would soon learn to drive and chasing his passion for this legendary machine would take him across Baja finish lines and five continents before the age of 40. 
This is a story of possibilities, told by “Cruiser Kurt” Williams.  Watch Video

Jim Oostdyk

When a man asks you to install a never-before-seen differential and you’re Jim Oostdyk, you’re very intrigued. It’s about 1990, it’s muddy in Northwestern New Jersey and you’re not sure just what this thing is going to do.  This is the story of the first Air Locker installed in North America; told by the man who installed it. Watch Video

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